Magdalene Channelings

Mary Magdalene is THE expert on ”being love”, and through these channelings she is guiding you from a place of “longing for more”, to a life of fullness where LOVE is the guiding force inside you, and all around you.


Mary Magdalene is lifting the veils of separation from your true original state of being – Your Love Vibration

Open yourself to the deeply transfiguring guiding force of love, and enter the love vibration.

Receive the gift of Love and allow it to enter your life. Through your heart, into your body, from your body into your life and from there into the world.

Devote yourself to a life in a frequencie of love, joy, freedom, purpose, power, creativity and abundance

This deeply transformative encounter, will touch your deepest core and connect you to the unlimited heights of your true being.

The Love Channelings is brought to you from the heart of Mary Magdalene

The energy of love, the wisdom of love, and the transformation through love, is transmitted directly to you from Mary Magdalene.

Every video and audio is encoded and transmits divine love to you

The vibration of Magdalenes voice, the sound of it, is SHM; a sacred creative force of life, when you listen you allow the frequencies to enter your being.