Maria Magdalene Healing

Kanaliseret Healing fra Maria Magdalene 

Maria Magdalene er den bevidsthed jeg har arbejdet og arbejder tættest sammen med, hun var den første jeg kanaliserede direkte
Min kærlighed, taknemmelighed og tillid til hende er uendelig ❤️

Jeg deler Birgitte Fichs fine tekst om Magdalene
Mary Magdalene Feast Day
Mary Magdalene speaks to us at this time to introduce us to what has been kept secret from humanity for a long time. The Holy Grail is probably the most sought after thing in human history. Information that has been hidden (Sub Rosa) in most biblical accounts, and which now becomes important for the divine plan.
Mary Magdalene was equal to Jesus and had twelve disciples. She left behind her own gospel which deepened the understanding of the inner path. She had a holy, loving relationship with Jeshua, an exalted union that gave them a daughter, Sara.
She later traveled to the South of France to st. Maries-sur-la-Mer with Sara. The Continuation of the Holy Blood (Sang Real) is understood by some as a symbol of the Holy Grail. Mary Magdalene holds her light for the world and creates the balance between the divine feminine and the divine masculine. She radiates the most beautiful, healing feminine goddess energy and unconditional love.

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