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Freja's Heart is a place of Love, Light, Healing and High Consciousness, dedicated to align Heart, Soul and Spirit in us, and make the force of Love prevail on Our Beloved Earth.
Freja's Heart offers online training courses, in Ascension, Angelic Guidance and healing, co-creation with heart, soul and spirit, personal and spiritual development.


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Guided Healing Meditations

Channeled from Spirit With carefully Selected Supporting Music

Courses in Spiritual and

Consciousness Awakening

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I Also Channel through Visionary Healing Paintings  -  Prints can be Ordered.

  • Frejas Hjerte

    “Freja is LOVE

    Freja IS pure positive love.

    She works with and through her heart in the Divine light from God; higher source; divine Goddesses or what you prefer to call the energy from above.

    My life, my spiritual path has expanded tremendously since I met Freja the first time in 2011
    I have taken different courses...feks Aquarius and Angelic lovespace
    Every month I patisapate in Frejas New,- & Full moon seance in her center at Frejas Heart.
    It is such a delightful (& sometimes tuff, depending on your personal journey) time in Frejas channeling divine energies, and with such a joyous time sharing our individual experiences with one another afterwords.

    Freja IS unconditional LOVE.”

    Earthealer, Angel and Reiki Healer

  • Frejas Hjerte

    “Freja is someone very special. She works for the Light and Love and has a rare ability to connect to other dimensions and download Wise and refreshing perspectives. Listen to Freja - it Will heal and nourish your heart ”

    Author of "the Future is Feminine", Speaker, Leadership developer, Feminine leadership expert.Founder/CEO/Owner at Illumina International

  • Frejas Hjerte

    “Freja presents some of the most giving and complete healings and messages from "Spirit" that I've come across in my 20 year long journey into the spiritual world. She combines wisdom and insight from ancient traditions such as shamanism and celtic knowledge with an direct contact with energies and spirits from the stars... I started reading messages from "Spirit" at a time, when my life was about to turn upside down regarding my career and my professional function on this planet. It can be quite scary to make such changes in life - quit your job - without any plan b, but still with bills to pay... Reading messages from "Spirit" communicated by Freja's Heart, makes me feel more certain of my self, as the words seem to echoes deep within me. It makes me feel less alone, knowing that this is not for me only, but for many others who read this too, and find it useful and comforting, just like I do.”